Packaging and handling

We take hygiene very seriously and ensure all health and safety procedures are taken when handling sweets. Our customers should know how their sweets get from us to them so here is what we do.

  • Our sweets are delivered in bulk from a wholesaler who receive directly from the factory in sealed bags.
  • We receive these and take them to our hygiene rated premises where all of our sweets and equipment is stored. The premises are where we sell our sweets physically to the public.
  • Here they are stored in large air tight jars for sale to the public and sending out as orders.
  • our orders are processed and sent to the premises for scooping your favourite sweets. They are then sent straight to you.

Order Types:

We package items differently depending on the product that you purchased. 

Pick 'n' Mix - The selection of sweets that you choose will be scooped from our main jars into pick 'n' mix stripey bags.

Gift Bags - The sweets that you choose will be scooped directly from our main jars into food safe clear bag with a cardboard base. This is then tied with our sealant tape.

Victorian Jars - The sweets are first scooped into our gift bags and this is paced into your jar. It looks a lot more presentable and stops the sweets sticking to the side of the jars.

Sweet cones - We scoop these sweets into a cellophane cone shaped bag and fill it up so they bulk out. these are then tied with our tape and a ribbon is added.