Charity fundraising DrSylviaB

Here at DrSylviaB we always have charity in mind. We created our website to show you some of the products we have available but with charity in mind we wanted to donate as much as we could to various charities through the sales of certain products.

You can find our charity products here.

We also like to attend fetes especially school fetes and open days where fundraising is one of the main purposes of the event.

We have attended open days for the local emergency services and local schools but we are still looking to raise money for more charities.

We also like to display our products in gift shops around the country continuing to fundraise for more charities. If you have a gift shop and missing out on our products then head over to our giftshop page. 



Firstly the raffle. When we arrive at any of the open days we donate a raffle prize. A jar of sweets with the event name on the jar and a 25% charity voucher which allows the prize winner to purchase any charity product online and we will increase the donation by 25%.


Our mystery jar is extremely popular at events. We fill a 3 litre jar full of sweets and visitors pay to guess the weight of the filled jar. The winner of course keeps the jar We donate every penny we take after the cost of the jar is recovered and we have seen hundreds of pounds raised in a single event thanks to the mystery jar.


We sell pick'n'mix sweets in a victorian style jar. We also have the option for customers to add text or choose from our huge range of designs to personalise their Jar. Our jars are very popular and as our best selling line at events we wanted to start fundraising through the sale of our jars. We now take a number of jars with the event name and year along with a logo or relevant picture on the jar.

We donate 10% of our profits through the sales of these jars.

So if you are still in need of a sweet stall for your fundraising event, open day or school fete then book Sylvia's sweets today.