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Are you building your own virtual land on earth? If you're a fan of the Earth 2 concept then our T-shirts and vinyl stickers, inspired by the game, are perfect for you.

Spread the word, buy some land and wear the T-Shirt. Our T-Shirts are Fruit of the loom, so not only do they look great but they feel good too.

We cut onto high quality vinyl then professionally heat press onto clothing. Our vinyl for cars, walls and other non-porous surfaces is also great quality.

It is durable, easy to apply and remove, leaving no permanent marks when removed correctly. It is also UV protected meaning the colours will stay bright for a long time.

We are huge fans ourselves and we are giving away a select amount of T-shirts and Earth 2 decals to help promote and advertise the newest creation.

If you want to find out more about Earth 2 then please read our starters guide for a basic understanding. There is plenty more information as the game unfolds so to keep up to date then check these guys out.

TheRealRandyChavez - YouTube

Earth 2 - Facebook Group

Earth 2 - Discord

Alpha Kingdom - Discord

Twitch - Guidebookgaming

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